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Sharing the Exquisite Moments of Tania and Kweku's Wedding

Weddings are mesmerizing and these moments of celebrations remain with you for a lifetime. Such was the case with Tania and Kweku who left us with fabulous memories for keepsake. The love birds had been engrossed in each other’s eyes for the past 12 years. Their wedding date marked the 12th anniversary of their cupid relationship. Their love story is nothing short of a fairy tale and can impress any type of listener.

Kweku planned a special proposal date for Tania and this marked the turning point of their mushy relationship. He planned a scrumptious dinner date at the 360 restaurant at the CN tower. He even got a special dessert prepared for Tania with the purpose of asking her to marry him. Tania was so impressed with this creative marriage proposal that she had no doubt about saying ‘Yes’ to his marriage proposal.

Both of them had only good things to say about each other. Tania was impressed with Kweku’s supportive and caring nature and his ability to cook tasty dishes. Kweku, on the other hand, fell in love with Tania’s compassionate heart.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception was held at Paramount Event Space

We thoroughly enjoyed clicking the wedding ceremony and reception of Tania and Kweku. The perfect part of their celebration was the ease with which these two posed for the photographs. They seemed so much in love with each other that poses for the photo shoot came natural to them.

The best selling point was the ease with which we worked with the couple. The entire environment was relaxed as both of them were enjoying every bit of the occasion. Moreover, the beautiful and elegant décor of the venue added to the zeal of the celebrations. The décor company, Luxel and Crystal Palace made sure to make the decorations unique and contribute to the grandeur of the wedding.

The wedding photo shoot was just awesome and it will remain fresh in our memories for a long time to come.

Venue: Paramount Event Space

Makeup: Victoria Desousa Makeup

Hair: Rosario at CC Hair Studio

Floral: Ciano Florist

DJ: S4

Decor: Luxel and Crystal Palace

Cake: Nadia Colella @ nadiaandco

Bridal Gown: Allure from Jolie Bridal

Wedding Officiant: Alex Rajak @weddingheavengta

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