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Nicole and Puzant...A Bradford Barn Wedding

When Nicole and Puzant originally planned their wedding, they booked a large banquet hall that would cater to their 400-guest wedding list. Then, the pandemic hit. They suddenly found themselves watching and following proposed safety measures closely while the date of their wedding drew closer. It eventually got to a point where they became aware that their initial plan for their wedding with 400 guests was not going to be possible. So, what would they do?

They had several options. Some of them were to postpone the wedding, or wait it out. What this couple chose to do is a lesson in bravery and great values. They kept their wedding date and made some very important changes. Their venue was changed and they ended up getting married under the sun with their closest family and friends at Bradford Barn. It was a perfect day!

Since this was our first wedding since the pandemic hit, we were so eager to bring you this story of love and beauty. We’d missed documenting weddings and as you can guess, our energy was through the roof! Whew! The venue itself was picturesque with fresh flowers and other small beautiful details. Here’s a bit on this lovely couple and how their wedding day went:

  • So How Did You Guys Meet?

Well we met in June 2011. Nicole had just moved to Toronto and worked at Shoppers Drug Mart as a cash manager. Puzant got hired as a Canada Post Manager not long after and that’s how we met.

  • How Did the Proposal Happen?

On our 5 Year anniversary, Puzant proposed to me in a horse drawn carriage a Niagara Falls. How romantic is that?! That was on July 5, 2018.

  • How Do You Feel About Each Other?

Nicole: Puzant is an amazing guy. Every time I introduce him to a family member or friends, they love him from the start. He is a social loving caring funny guy. He is smart and always willing to help people.

Puzant: Nicole has a heart of gold. She is so loving and caring and always is willing to help people out. She is amazing with kids and I cannot wait for her to be the mother of my children.

  • Tell Us About Your Relationship During This Pandemic

Our relationship during this pandemic was good. We had just moved in together in our new house in February and not long after the pandemic started. It gave us a lot of time to work together on house design and décor and to plan our wedding. Overall, I think the pandemic made our relationship stronger because we were spending day after day together and even started working together.

  • Why Did You Both Decide to Get Married Now and Not Wait?

Puzant and I had been together for 7 years now and want to start a family eventually. Thinking about having to wait another year we felt would pushback everything and prolong us from growing our relationship. It actually worked out in our favour that we were able to celebrate with close friends and family and make it more personal and intimate.

  • Any Advice for Other Couples That Were Supposed to Get Married This Year

For starters we’d say, do not let this pandemic stop you from getting married on the date and place you want! Although you cannot have a huge wedding with 300 people it does not mean that you cannot have the time of your life. It just means you will be spending time with people who are closer to you and besides once this pandemic is done you can celebrate again. When we told people that we were planning on still getting married this year surprisingly people thought it was the best choice for us and supported us along the way. If you also want to get married you can always do a church or city hall ceremony and then have the dinner/celebration once restrictions become more lenient.

  • How Would You Describe Your Wedding?

Our wedding was absolutely amazing! Everyone loved the barn style wedding because it was different from the typical hall wedding. The fact that it was a smaller wedding made it that much better. Everyone loved the band, food, scenery and of course the photography and video crew. We are so happy that we did our wedding this year it was honestly the best night of our lives. It was so good that we said we would do one again next year with family and friends who weren’t able to come this year due to the pandemic. To be honest it still feels so unreal to us, it doesn’t even feel like it was our wedding night, but it was amazing.

  • Any Last Words?

We highly recommend Helen and Claudio! My makeup artist was shocked to see Claudio walk into my house and said that every couple should book with them. Our guests even noticed how amazing they were and kept commenting on their work and their friendliness.

  • So, We Guess We Can Say That You Loved Working with Us?

There are no words to describe how amazing it was working with Butterfly Kisses and Coppola Films. You guys made the day fly by and made us feel so comfortable in taking pictures which I think is so important for the bride and groom to feel on their wedding day. You guys went above and beyond finding the perfect area to take pics and for paying close attention to small details. We cannot wait to see how the pictures and video turn out!

Thank you so much for the glowing recommendation Nicole and Puzant. We absolutely loved working with you too. To the rest of our couples-to-be, it’s so great to be back. We look forward to seeing you at your own weddings!


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