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Katie & Jason's Wedding Celebration: A True Celebration of Love

Katie & Jason's wedding celebration was a magical day filled with love and joy. It was the perfect way to celebrate their union, and even more special that it fell on Valentine's Day weekend. The wedding celebration was a dream come true for the couple, and all of the guests were so happy to be a part of this special day. From the heartfelt welcomes to the lively reception, it was clear that Katie & Jason were truly celebrating the love between them together as a family.

Katie and Jason met in 2018 and it was love at first sight. They stayed at the restaurant until it closed, talking about everything under the sun, including their beloved dogs. Despite having different backgrounds - Katie being Greek and Jason Portuguese - they shared a common dream of one day celebrating their love with all their family and friends. Their journey to true love had just begun, and they couldn't be more excited to share it with those they held dearest. As they talked, they knew that there was something special between them; the love they shared was strong and undeniable. They were ready to start their lives together, surrounded by love and joy.

Jason had been dreaming of his wedding day ever since he was a little boy, and when he met Katie, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make his dreams come true. Unfortunately, their plans for the big day were put on hold when the pandemic hit. Faced with an uncertain future, Jason and Katie had to decide whether to postpone or cancel their wedding, or make changes to accommodate the current situation. Thankfully, they chose the latter and their commitment to making the most of what they had resulted in the perfect wedding celebration. She wanted to go through with even a small, intimate ceremony with her closest family and friends that reflected the unique bond they shared as a couple. They were determined to make their dreams a reality. Despite the challenges they faced along the way, Jason remained resolute in his dedication to making Katie feel loved and special on their special day. With a bit of creativity and plenty of determination, he pulled off the perfect wedding celebration and created a beautiful day filled with love and joy that they will always cherish.

On August 2020, Katie and Jason exchanged their vows at St Nicks Greek Orthodox church surrounded by their close family and friends who felt comfortable being in attendance. After the ceremony, they moved the celebration to Katie's family cottage, a place where the couple had made many happy memories. At the cottage, Katie and Jason celebrated the occasion surrounded by their immediate families and special friends. Despite the lack of a large reception, the couple still made it special, enjoying a cozy dinner together with their guests and making memories that would last a lifetime.

Katie looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day. She wore a gorgeous gown with intricate lace detailing, and her hair and makeup were done to perfection. The day was everything she had dreamed it would be and more.

Katie and Jason had been dreaming of this special day since they got engaged. But in the midst of the pandemic, they weren't sure if their dream reception would come true. In the meantime, the couple continued their lives together, and started building their future. They started building their dream house, and by September 2021, Katie and Jason had a son, Jack. Despite the uncertainty of when their reception could happen, Katie and Jason kept the hope alive that one day they would be able to celebrate with extended family and friends. As things opened up, Katie & Jason re-opened their minds to scheduling the reception they had been dreaming of. They thought, why not include Jack in their dream reception? So they decided to combine the celebration of his Baptism with the celebration of their wedding. On Valentine's day weekend, they made it a true celebration of love and togetherness. It was perfect!

The decor was breathtaking, with a stunning color scheme that blended whites and creams. The tables were adorned with elegant centerpieces and flowers. To top it all off, the bride and groom held a special first dance in the center of the room to honor their love. Katie & Jason’s dream reception was complete, and it was truly a magical night. Everyone there could feel the love between them, and it was truly a night to remember.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and well wishes to Katie & Jason on their beautiful wedding day. It has been a privilege to witness the love and joy that they share and the wonderful life that they have built together over the past few years. We are so thankful to have had the chance to celebrate this special day with them, their families, and friends. We are so grateful for the chance to get to know Jack and Katie & Jason's parents, siblings, and other family members who made us feel so welcome throughout the entire journey. We wish them all the best in their future lives together and we hope that they will find continued love, health, and happiness for years to come. Congratulations again to Katie & Jason on their beautiful wedding!


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