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Erika and Nicholas...Love Locked Down at St. David's Church

Erika and Nicholas got married on October 19, 2019, which was a freezing fall day. A couple of our past brides referred them, and we loved capturing the lovely moments from when they got ready, to the church, and their reception. We have here a breakdown of how the day went and some beautiful words from Erika herself. This is how it happened:

  • The Wedding Morning

Nicholas got ready with his groomsmen and his parents. He looked very dapper as he put on his suit and then read Erika’s letter to him. Nicholas has a very loving relationship with his parents, which was evident as they all got ready for the wedding.

Erika also looked gorgeous as she and her bridesmaids popped a bottle of bubbly and got ready for the wedding. Her loving parents were around too. After some great pictures with her bridesmaids, she put on her stunning lace gown and read the letter that Nicholas had written to her.

  • The Ceremony

Erika and Nicholas got married at St David’s church in Maple. Nicholas looked very handsome and dapper, in a custom-made suit while Erika was stunning and had an infectious smile. They had a big wedding party with about 15 people. Our hearts melted when we saw Nicholas cry as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. Not going to lie, we shed a tear watching Nicholas and how mesmerized he was looking at his bride.

  • The After-Ceremony Session and The Reception

We took photographs of Erika and Nicholas in a condominium where her Aunt lived. This was great because it was so cold out. That, however, did not stop us from taking some gorgeous photos of them outside. The colour of the leaves looked incredible on this perfect fall day.

Their reception was at The Terrace, and they had up to 300 guests in attendance. Everything down to every little detail was perfect, and we asked Erika about her experience of the day. We also asked for a short back story of their relationship before marriage. She had the following to say.

  • How Long Have You Guys Been Together Before Marriage?

Nicholas and I have been together for six years.

  • Where Did You Meet?

We met in Barrie at the ranch. Some mutual friends introduced us.

  • How Did He Propose?

The proposal happened at Tiffany falls in Hamilton. It was a complete surprise.

  • What Does Nicholas Mean to You?

A lot. Nicholas saved me in more ways than he will ever understand.

  • Tell Us How You Felt About Your Wedding

It was perfect. From the fantastic weather to all of our vendors working extremely hard, I was so impressed. I absolutely adored Nicholas’s reaction when he saw me. ❤

  • What Were You Focused on As You Walked Down the Aisle?

I couldn’t believe how packed the church was! And when Nicholas started bawling, it was the sweetest thing ever. I was so happy squeezing my dad’s hand as he walked me down the aisle.

  • What Would You Say Your Best Part of Your Wedding Was?

Honestly, I can’t pick just one!! If I absolutely had to choose, though, I’d say when I finally got to Nick at the church. He looked at me and said you look so beautiful - I can cry thinking about it!

  • Who Designed Your Dress?

Madison Bridal Gowns. When I put on my dress and saw myself in the mirror that morning, I was so happy. It was precisely how I wanted to look.

  • If You Can Give One Piece of Advice to Your Past Self About the Wedding, What Would That Be?

I’d say take it easy. Everything always works out. I also think the couple should take a minute to themselves at their wedding. They should take just one minute to take it all in.

When we got to the church, the bridesmaids left the bus to go in, and I sat in it by myself and took a minute to take it all in. I had a mini freak out lol.

  • How Was Your Experience with Butterfly Kisses & Coppola Films?

I’ve known Helen and Claudio for way longer than they have known me LMAO. I’ve been following their work for so long (Seriously, it’s an embarrassing amount of time). The second we met, I knew everything was going to be amazing. I knew I would absolutely love how my forever memories would look. ❤

Thank you for letting us capture your amazing day Erika and Nicholas. We wish you guys the very best and can’t wait to capture more of your memorable moments. We love you!!!!


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