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The Union of Sandra and Alex

Sandra and Alex couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day for marriage. It was cool, but

not overly so, on October 26th, 2019. When we arrived at 7:30am to get set up, we were

immediately met by the groom Alex, who was clearly electric with excitement. We always begin our wedding shoots by meeting with the bride and groom at their homes individually, to get photos of them before the big moment. It became clear to us early on, through Alex’s excitement, and the bubbly laughter and champagne at Sandra’s house, that today was going to be not only magical, but a whole lot of fun.

The whole morning was filled with excitement, Sandra is of Portugese heritage, and her

dress and bridal party was beautifully designed to accentuate this. The group was nothing fun, but it was the moment that we finally saw Sandra in her stunning dress, that everything suddenly became real for the bridal party. Finally, it was time for Sandra to leave her house, and meet her soon-to-be husband Alex at the altar.

The wedding took place at St. Nick’s Greek Orthodox Church in Scarborough--Alex

comes from a strong Greek background, and wanted to keep to the traditions of his family. The ceremony was stunning, filled with the extravagant gold hues of the Orthodox faith, accented by all eyes on Sandra as she made her way down the aisle. However, for Sandra, all of that beauty was dull compared to her husband standing at the altar.

In the Greek Orthodox tradition, the bride and groom are celebrated as part of God’s

royal family, through the beautiful crowning ceremony. The bride and groom will each receive a thin crown--known as ‘stefana’--which are joined by a thin ribbon to represent their bond. It is the perfect symbol for showing unity, and passion before God and family.

After the ceremony had finished, we were able to get some stunning shots of the bride

and groom, alongside their family and wedding party. It was at the luscious scenery of the Kortright Centre in Vaughan that we were able to see the true nature of the bride and groom; who were all smiles, playful jokes, and never ending laughter without a hint of the nerves they had shown before. This was all followed by photos at the elegantly styled venue located at Paramount by Peter and Paul’s in Woodbridge.

The celebration perfectly meshed the Greek heritage of Alex, with the Portugese

heritage of Sandra with over 300 guests ready to show their love and support of the newly married couple. This truly was one of the most fun, diverse, elegant, and traditional weddings that we have ever had the privilege of being a part of; and we know that Sandra and Alex will have a lifetime of fond memories, and happiness!


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