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Amy & Louie's "Big Fat Italian-Portu-Greek" Wedding

Amy & Louie's wedding was a celebration of their unique cultural backgrounds - Italian, Portuguese, and Greek! It was a "Big Fat Italian-Portu-Greek" wedding, full of delicious food, music, and dancing. From the traditional Greek kourabiedes cookies to the stunning bride in her stunning white gown, it was a day full of beautiful memories. Photos of the day were taken to capture the love, joy, and fun of this special occasion.

Louie looked dashing in his Surmesur custom suit on the wedding day. The morning of the wedding, his house was full of all the people that love him and his bride. His high school buddies, to his University friends, who attended the wedding, it was obvious Louie had a lot of friends. Louie played football for Windsor University where he met his University friends, who have become his lifelong friends. With his father being Greek and his mom, Italian, there were both traditions celebrated at the house - they even broke out the Greek dancing! It was a lot of fun capturing these special moments leading up to the wedding ceremony.

Amy was a picture of sophistication and elegance. Her family is Portuguese, and the house was calm and quite a bit (well a lot) quieter than the groom's house in the morning. Everything about her was beautiful, from her custom made dress by Diane's Bridal, to her calm demeanor. Her bridesmaids and parents were all lovely to be around, and it made the house a perfect place to take some amazing bridal portraits. Amy's dress was absolutely gorgeous, and perfectly captured the wintery fairytale wedding look that she had been dreaming of. Amy was truly a sight to behold, and her beauty radiated through her bridal portraits.

Amy & Louie decided to have a traditional Greek ceremony, which was held at the stunning Prophet Elias Church, full of gold accents and white walls. Amy's mom, Maria, made sure to make the day extra special by hand making the crowns (Stefana) and candles for the ceremony.

The Stefana are wedding crowns that are placed onto the bride and groom during the ceremony. They are joined by a ribbon, symbolizing the unity of the couple and the presence of Christ who blesses and joins the couple. The Stefana establish the couple as the King and Queen of their home, reminding them to rule with wisdom, justice and integrity.

At the end of the ceremony, the guests greeted Amy & Louie outside the church with cheers and applause, and showered them with rice. Throwing rice at the couple is a tradition which symbolizes luck and fertility for the newlyweds. It was such a touching moment that all were moved to tears.