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The Perfect End to a Busy Wedding Season: Shoshana and Chris

As the wedding photographer for Shoshana and Chris' special day, it was a pleasure to be part of their beautiful wedding that took place at one of our favorite venues, The Venetian. This was the last wedding of a very, very busy wedding season and the perfect couple to end it with. From the moment we met Shoshana and Chris, we knew their wedding would be special.

We met Shoshana and Chris in 2021 and we clicked right away. They have such a fiery relationship, we fit right in with them. Shoshana with her smile, always cracking jokes, and Chris with his cool demeanor...this couple will melt your heart. We loved spending time with them and taking photos together during their engagement session in downtown Toronto. We had a great lunch afterwards and laughed and instantly became friends. We were so excited for their upcoming wedding.

We had a great time photographing Chris and his guys in the morning before the ceremony. Chris even watched a little bit of soccer with his dad. Chris looked dashing in his suit and we were able to capture some amazing photos of him and his groomsmen. It was a cold December day, but the sun was out and it gave us the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful photos of the guys. He received a beautiful card and gift from his soon-to-be wife Shoshana. A stunning watch that he wore that day to remind him of his timeless love between him and his bride. We laughed the whole time as we took photos of them, and it was so much fun!

Shoshana looked absolutely gorgeous on her big day. Her cathedral veil was a breathtaking touch, making her look even more breathtaking than before. Her infectious smile filled the room with joy, and everyone had a great time helping her get ready for her special day. Her mom was all smiles, laughing as she assisted in dressing the bride. We had an absolute blast photographing this beautiful bride, who was glowing from head to toe.

Shoshana and Chris were married in a beautiful, romantic ceremony at St. Elizabeth Seton in Newmarket, Ontario. The church was filled with their family and friends, and the stained glass windows added to the beauty of the ceremony. As they said their vows and exchanged rings, there was an undeniable sense of love and joy in the air. The moment was made even more special by their officiant, who spoke about their strong connection and the importance of faith and love in marriage. The celebration continued afterwards with friends and family congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

Shoshana and Chris looked stunning together in their bridal portraits. We took photos of them and the bridal party at Mint Room Studios after the ceremony. One of the rooms was decorated with a festive Christmas tree and decorations, making it a perfect backdrop for their December wedding.

The couple and the bridal party had so much fun during the session. They were all so easy to work with and made sure to capture all the beautiful moments between them. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be part of this special day. From romantic poses to goofy smiles, we captured all the wonderful memories for them to cherish for a lifetime.