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Marygrace and Anthony's Beautiful Wedding Day at the Montecassino

It was an honorable experience for us to be able to share such a special journey with Marygrace and Anthony, from the onset we had an instant connection with the couple, and it is interesting how they are such an easy going and lovable couple so, imagine our joy when they asked us to share and capture their beautiful milestone of love and friendship.

The couple, Marygrace and Anthony had met quite early while in grade 9 at summer school and have since then continuously made it work over and over again, their love story is a perfect definition of three times a charm and their hearts just wanting what it wants, which is each other.

Marygrace fondly remembers just how magical it had been when Anthony proposed to her, on that day they were comfortably watching the food network together on television when Anthony started asking her a bunch of questions that left her confused because they were questions he knew the answers to; questions like "do you love me?" and "do you want to marry me" which she answered. The next thing that happened was that to her surprise, he pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him and she said "yes".

Being with them, it is easy to see how in love they are, Marygrace loves the way Anthony has become more than just her love but also her best friend by loving her unconditionally and charming her with his easy going personality and Anthony loves how different they are and coming together to create a balance, as he puts it, "she is like a ying to his yang, and we complete each other in a way only we can".

The wedding was a wonderful experience not just for the day itself but it was a true experience of the process from the proposal, through the planning up till the day. It was how present they both were on this journey, planning it together and making decisions about everything together. Marygrace really cherishes how Anthony made sure he was with her through this process, how he helped in bringing the wedding day to life by giving his opinion about things like the venue, the vendors and so on making the wedding preparation time they had shared together a precious memory of hers.

It was a memorable day and we had the pleasure of capturing the love they share displayed in grand splendour. They were both pleased to behold an actualisation of a day they had prepared for together and being able to share all of these experiences in a room filled with people they cared about and cared about them, a room filled with friends and family all gathered because of them.

Everybody was happy and beautiful but none as captivating as the bride in her custom dress by Ines diSanto which was in all ways spectacular, lighting up the entire event.

We wish the happy couple all the very best and a life filled of love and happiness. Congrats guys!

Venue: Montecassino (Vaughan)

Make up Artist: Sandra

Hair: Salon Vivere

Floral: Extravaganza Florist

Band and DJ: I'italiano and Veriation DJ

Decor: Right Choice

Cake: Fabulous Cakes

Dress: Custom Ines DiSanto

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