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A Beautiful Lifestyle Portrait Session

This is the second time we have had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family. We had photographed their wedding, the beginning of their beautiful journey, a few years back and we must admit it was splendid. And now, they have chosen us again to capture the milestones of their wonderful life. We just love keeping in touch with families that we have worked with over the years. They have become a part of our family.


This beautiful and cute family is no different. They got married on September 2nd 2012 and the life was bliss thereafter. They started a family right after marriage and their first son was born on July 14th 2013. They named him Steven Williams after his grandfather. Their cute and lovely daughter Angela James was born on April 3rd 2015.

Christian Alexander was born on June 24th 2017 and he will be turning a year old in a few weeks from now. We were thrilled to capture the most beautiful moments shared by this loving family. We had the pleasure of shooting amazing photographs of this couple and their children in a spectacular location. The portraits were simply stunning beyond imagination. The lovely family was so accommodating and we loved every single moment we spent with them.

We began the shoot early in the morning to take advantage of the glorious morning light and the results were spectacular. We chose to explore different angles and it was quite impressive. Christian Alexander is a joy to be with and we could fathom the love the family shared for one another. All our images portray that special care and love among the children and their parents.

Motherhood has been an amazing journey for her and she is literally town between two time periods- of seeing them grow up quickly and wanting them to be children forever. We are truly grateful for letting us be part of your milestone!

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