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Sarah and Victor's Intimate Wedding at the Mississauga Convention Centre

This wedding was so special for so many reasons. First of all, the ceremony took place at the most beautiful Our Lady of Fatima Church in Brampton. Secondly we chose Lake Ontario to shoot the portrait photos and it was magnificent. Sarah and Victor are among the sweetest and most beautiful couples that we have had the privilege to work with.

Venue- Mississauga Convention Centre

Sarah and Victor met 4 years ago on a coed soccer team while they were playing. They have been together ever since. He knew he met his soul mate when he saw her for the first time. Sarah felt as though her dreams came true. She loves his compassion and the way he cares about her. Victor proposed to Sarah when they went together for a walk in Portugal. It was a beautiful moment when he took her to the side of the castle’s wall and asked her to marry him. Sarah felt beautiful and loved when Victor proposed.

They invited all their closest families and friends for the wedding and it was beyond imagination. There was so much of happy tears and love for this beautiful couple. The Mississauga Convention Centre was all decked up in elegance and grandeur to match the happiness of these two amazing people who cared so much about their families and friends.

We enjoyed capturing some of most enchanting moments when Sarah walked down the aisle. She looked spectacular in her gown and Victor could hardly take his eyes off her. The ceremony was so beautiful and we knew from the beginning that this day was going to be bookmarked forever.

We are grateful to Sarah and Victor for choosing us to be a part of their journey. We hope you love and cherish the portraits just like we do!

Venue: Mississauga Convention Centre

Hair and Makeup: Maggie

DJ: BBlanc

Bridal Gown: Essence by Australia

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