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The Beautiful Wedding of Jessica and Mark

Jessica and Mark are one of the most charming couples we have ever come across. They both met through mutual friends at an end of lockout hockey party in 2013. It was Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Montreal Canadians. While Mark is a diehard Leaf fan, Jessica is a Habs fan. Meeting each other over a hockey dispute was unexpected but it was the turning point that eventually led to them tying the knot. They got close to each other and decided to go on a date.

The next week, both went skating and that was when they knew they were made for each other. They became inseparable. Jessica cannot forget for life the day when Mark proposed to her. It was Christmas day when Mark came and proposed in front of Jessica's mom and sister. Her puppy Youppi was witness to the proposal as well. He wrapped her Christmas gift in layers of paper and boxes and the final box had just a card inside that read "Marry Me?" She looked up and found Mark on one knee with the ring! It was indeed impressive!!

While Jessica loves the way he cares and showers affection, she is also appreciative of his thoughtfulness and handsome physique. Mark loves everything about Jessica.

A Fabulous Wedding

The couple celebrated their wedding with their family and friends and the exciting part was they were getting married to their teammate! Jessica was dressed in a beautiful custom-made gown designed by Kim Ironmonger. Mark was equally stunning.

We are privileged to have captured their wedding moments and wish all the very best for their new journey together.

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