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Childhood Sweethearts

Jessica and Fabio met in grade 7 when she moved elementary schools. They immediately hit it off and became best of friends and eventually love crept its way in. As they grew, so did their love and problems between them. 10 years later, after all the ups and downs, life only made the couple realize how important and drawn they are towards each other. Now they have decided to make it a forever.

The proposal happened on February 19, 2017 at the Distillery District during the Festival of Lights. Fabio even had a photographer friend who would capture all the moments secretly. When Jessica was casually posing in front of the “love lock sign”, Fabio went on his knees and proposed to his love. A shocked and surprised Jessica yelled in front of the crowd.

Jessica loves being in love with her best friend and his kindness. Fabio just loves everything about her.

Mine forever!!!

The wedding was a grand affair with the bride and groom looking absolutely fantastic. Fabio felt the magic when he saw his lady love walk down the aisle to very soon become his lawfully wedded beloved wife. Jessica on the other hand cannot forget the moment when she kissed her groom in bliss knowing quiet well that he was his best friend and the love of her life.

We wish them all the happiness.

Venue: The Arlington Estate

Make up Artist: Fancy Face Inc.

Bridal Hair: Fancy Face Inc.

Floral: International Florist

DJ: BB Blanc

Decor: Superior Decor & More

Cake: Sweet Sister Chic Sister

Bridal Gown: Custom by Fiadora Couture & SposaItalia

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