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High School Love That Lasted A Lifetime

A chance meeting in the Notre Dame Catholic Secondary school when Alex was in grade 11 and Julia was in grade 12 marked the start of their love story. After admiring each other while, the magical meeting happened on the year end closing ceremony. The holidays were spent in each other’s company with common friends. The connection was not lost even when Julia went away to university. On returning from there, Alex asked Julia to be his girlfriend, which she gladly accepted.

After dating for a solid ten years, this beautiful couple decided to be man and wife. The proposal made was the one fit for a Disney princess. It was made at their first home. Julia enters the house hoping for a quiet Friday evening only to be greeted with a treasure hunt loaded with riddles and clues helping her go ahead with hunt. It eventually led her to their back yard. She saw her man standing on their deck surrounded by gladiolas (her favourite), with her favourite country singer’s newest song playing in the background, waiting for his ladylove.

Only after he approached her and went on his knees and popped the question, did the lady realize how big the thing that was going on was. After getting the “yes” that he rightfully deserved, he whisked her away for the weekend to the Niagara Falls to celebrate their big decision.

Their wedding coincided with their 10th year anniversary. On this day, the couple decided to commit their love for each other forever in front of all family and friends with the blessings of god. Wishing them all the luck!!

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