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Clarissa & Alessandro A Match Made In Heaven

Clarissa and Alessandro were a referral from an Aunt, so we were very honoured when they contacted us. We had done a previous wedding and the aunt was impressed so when they needed a photographer and videographer, she sent them over to us. When you read the following paragraphs, you'll know why. So, are you ready? Grab a seat, relax and come on the journey of Clarissa and Alessandro's memorable wedding with us.

The Engagement Shoot

We love to bond with our couples during their engagement shoots. The relationships that we build with them then, often lasts beyond even after their wedding. They become like family to us. The forecast for that day was rain but as soon as we started shooting, the rain miraculously ceased. Funny right? Wait till you hear that as soon as we stopped, the rain started right back up from where it left off! It felt like there was more than just weather involved here and as I was going through their photos, I felt it even more strongly so I asked Clarissa about it. She confided my beliefs by saying yes, she had lost her father and she felt like he was watching over her that day. Way to go with an awesome guardian angel! This was certainly a match made in heaven. The photos were perfect too. It was easy to see that this couple loved and cared for each other during their engagement shoot, so we were excited about the wedding.

The Wedding Day

This couple had one of the biggest bridal parties we've ever seen. No seriously! We counted up to 35 people! It was a hot sunny day in June, and the weather was beautiful. At the morning preparations, there was laughter, lots of champagne and a few tears, just like there should be. The families were so kind and inviting. We loved working with them. Alessandro spent the morning getting ready with his parents, sisters and best friends. Clarissa also spent the morning getting ready with her two sisters, her mom, her bride squad and their cutest dog Bentley. When she was done getting dressed in her wedding gown, she looked so strikingly beautiful with her amazing crystal blue eyes. We saw Alessandro's jaw drop when he saw her. Lucky guy!

The wedding ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Michael's Cathedral in downtown Toronto. It felt like a royal wedding. As the couple said their vows, a beautiful beam of light shone down through the stained-glass window and illuminated the alter. We see you again guardian angel!

After the ceremony, the couple greeted guests who came to celebrate with them outside the historic church and then we headed off for their photo session at St. Michael's College. It was fantastic, hot but fantastic. But then again, how could it not be? When we were taking pictures of these two beautiful people.

Clarissa and Alessandro had their reception at Hazelton Manor in Vaughan. The venue was beautifully decorated and the couple surprised everyone with a wonderfully choreographed first dance. It was unbelievably perfect! And yes, we were swooned. It's a dance we will never forget. About 300 guests showed up to celebrate with them and you could feel the love in the area.

How Did We Do at Clarissa And Alessandro's Wedding?

Thanks for asking lol. We love, love, love this couple. Their pictures and video footage came out beautifully and we enjoyed ourselves every step of the way. Special shoutout to their loved one in heaven who showed up. We love you both and we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Destination: Toronto | Venue: St. Michael’s Cathedral (Ceremony) & Hazelton Manor (Reception) | Setting: Romantic Wedding


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