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The Stunning Wedding of Sabrina & Michael

Sabrina and Michael were referred to us by another couple that we had shot years back. Seriously, guys, referrals are like the greatest things since sliced bread in this business! We love it when we get referred. The marriage happened on the 7th of September 2019 and the weather was perfect. Here’s a lowdown of the events that happened on Sabrina and Michael’s big day.

  • In the Early Hours of The Wedding Day

We went to see Michael. He comes from a big family with a sister and a brother. He got ready at his parent’s house in Newmarket and all the guys were there. His family is so outgoing and welcoming and we had fun with them in their big backyard with the pool. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we had many good laughs.

Sabrina’s family is super sweet, though a little quieter than Michaels. Sabrina greeted us outside with her mom, both wearing the cutest robes. Their dad was in the backyard hustling and getting it ready for the guests.

Sabrina and her squad got ready while we were there and her nephews looked so cute in their little tuxedos. Sabrina’s brother even had a tear in his eye watching his sister get ready. But don’t tell him we told you that though. He won’t admit it lol. We had fun here too and Sabrina and her bridal squad even popped some bubbly in the street! Once she got ready, she looked absolutely breathtaking.

  • The Ceremony

Sabrina and Michael’s wedding ceremony took place at one of our favorite churches, St. David’s in Maple. The ever so popular Father Ernie performed the ceremony. The atmosphere was beautiful with everyone all smiles. You could feel the happiness in the room for the couple. As Sabrina walked down the aisle, all eyes were on her. Lovely moment really.

  • The Park

After the ceremony, we went to take portraits of the bride, the groom, and their wedding party. There was a lot of fun and they were quite a good looking bunch. All 12 of them! We then took the bride and the groom for a hike in the forest and the fields at Kortright Centre. It was worth it because we captured some pretty amazing footage. They’re a very good-looking couple and the tall grasses of the luscious fields and the skinny trees made a great backdrop for their images.

  • The Reception

Sabrina and Michael’s reception took place at the beautiful Chateau Le Parc in Vaughan. They played host to over 250 guests and the food was spectacular. They even had pizza stations on the patio! The flowers and the candles at the venue created a fairytale ambiance and we snuck them out later in the evening for some night shots. We loved documenting your wedding Sabrina and Michael and we wish you all the happiness and love in the world.


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